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CWS has over 20 years of experience building web-based applications and database development. From the beginning, we became familiarized with web technologies under highly demanding conditions, as our first projects dealt with offshore vessel management application in a challenging satellite communication environment with connectivity and stringent data file demands and limitations.
Today, most all of our software projects we deploy are cloud and mobile based. Agencies and corporations of all sizes seek our services to consult and build large, scalable, web-based platforms to meet their IT infrastructure and information reporting needs.
Equally important are the numerous SMB and startup clients, who trust us to build the web platforms that will support their business core in the cloud, with the assurance that the delivered software will be both highly secure and scalable as they pursue the success of their business.
Examples of recently deployed projects:

  • Development of a robust and streamlined software system for a Law Enforcement Agency that interacts with a numerous government agencies.
    • The key applications include:
    • Records Management
    • Civil Service
    • Pistol Permits – Card issuance and management
    • Personnel – Management of all Agency Staff
    • Property – Management of all agency property and issuance.
    • Crime Mapping – Intelligence mapping and reporting
    • Metal Recycling and tracking system
    • Jail Management
    • Warrants
    • Plus many more integrated systems providing Intelligence Policing in the community.
  • Development of a web-based vessel management system used to track equipment, contracts, personnel, specifications and marketing opportunities globally.
  • Construction of a various integrated project management applications designed to identify key markets of opportunity and the resources needed to meet the client needs. Systems are constructed to custom fit and integrate with the clients’ accounting software and other reporting requirements.

Development Principles of CWS

CWS has an excellent track record of meeting our customers’ needs as a solution provider as well as a qualified partner in their technology endeavors.
All web developments are not created equal, and the technology employed depends both on the nature of the application and the restrictions of the client.
Our preference, of course, is for the development of rich web applications with a high design component, allowing them to provide a compelling and intuitive user experience. Recent development projects we have deployed make expansive use of JavaScript/CSS, Ajax, C# and .NET components, among other frameworks. For the user, the experience is intuitive and follows closely with the day-to-day operations they are familiar with and are comfortable using.
All our web developments are based on proven software development patterns and best practices, such as the use of architectures and reusable components. We go the extra mile to ensure the database design is built for speed and efficiency, while allowing us to concentrate on building business logic and a robust functionality of the application.
CWS group can streamline your business processes through custom application and database solutions. Regardless of your business industry, CWS can help you manage your company's vital information and data systems. Contact us today to explore your custom software options.

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